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BUSES PURCHASE * USA: Palm Beach: 131 new - Kaneland: 10 new - Elkhart 15 new ones

* Florida - Palm Beach County schools to get 131 new school buses

-- Palm Beach County’s public schools are getting 120 new school buses next year in an effort to reduce the number of breakdowns caused by the school system’s aging bus fleet... The School Board voted Tuesday to spend more than $14 million over the next five years for 120 buses, along with $1.4 million this year for 11 smaller buses to transport students with learning disabilities... Board members called the purchase a short-term fix to a long-term problem, one they blame on their dwindling budget for construction and maintenance... As The Post reported last year, the number of buses that had to be towed because of breakdowns each year is growing. Records show tow-aways more than doubled from 245 in 2009 to 572 in 2013... The school system maintains a fleet of roughly 800 school buses...
(Photo: The school system maintains a fleet of roughly 800 school buses) Palm Beach, FL, USA - The Palm Beach Post, by Andrew Marra - May 12, 2015 

* Illinois - Kaneland to buy 10 new school buses

-- Kaneland to spend $829,000 on 10 new school buses... The district owns 58 buses, two of which have 190,000 miles on them, and a significant number of others have 184,000 to 160,000 miles on the odometer. The oldest one on the road is a 2001 model, school district officials said... The district's citizen-appointed Finance Advisory Committee had recommended the School Board consider two separate two-year leases for 30 buses for next school year and 28 buses for the 2016-2017 school year... The majority of School Board members, however, thought more discussion was needed on the use of reserves in the district's fund balance to deal with the district's bus situation... The new buses are equipped with the latest technology such as improved heater systems and safety devices. The district transports 4,000 students on 155 routes every day... 
(Photo)  --  Maple Park, ILL, USA - Aurora Beacon-News, by Linda Girardi - 12 May 2015

* Indiana -  Elkhart Community Schools moves forward with purchase of 15 buses

 -- Elkhart Community Schools will move forward with the process to purchase about 15 buses for about $1.2 million... The buses will replace some older vehicles and also grow the fleet slightly, said Doug Hasler, executive director of support services... The new buses, which will vary in capacity, will be paid for with money from the Bus Replacement Fund and the operating referendum that was approved by taxpayers in May 2014... Hasler will return to the board with pricing before moving forward with any purchases...
(Photo: Riverview Elementary School in Elkhart)  --  Elkhart, IND, USA - The Elkhart Truth, by Michelle Sokol - May 13, 2015



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