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SAFETY BUSES * Australia: Drivers' fatigue avoidance

* ACT - Seeing Machines hails USA launch of driver fatigue monitor

  --  Seeing Machines has launched its fleet in-cab accident avoidance product for trucks and buses into the USA market... Using the company‚Äôs cutting edge DSS technology that tracks the eyes and face for signs of fatigue, the unit triggers an alarm and sends seat vibrations at the first sign of a driver losing concentration. The event is also logged centrally... So far the company has sold 4,000 of these systems to mining, road transport and bus customers in Europe, Australia and South AfricaSeeing Machines also has tie-ups with the truck maker Caterpillar and car safety firm Takata... Customers have praised the systems effectiveness, which has led to a minimum 71% reduction in fatigue and distraction related driving events... In the USA, fatigue and distraction are major problems. In 2012, large trucks were involved in traffic accidents that injured 104,000 people, and, according to an organisation called Fleetistics, the average cost of a wrongful death verdict for a trucking company is US$6.7mln...
(Photo: Dutch Bus Drivers To Test Fatigue)  --  Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, Australia - Proactive Investors, by Ian Lyall - April 27 2015 

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