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PURCHASING BUSES * USA: Articulating or Double-Decker ones ?

* Maryland - Ocean City leaning away from double-decker buses. Officials favor purchasing articulating buses

-- After hearing a list of issues that would come along with adding double decker buses to Ocean City’s fleet, the Transportation Commission voted this week to recommend the purchase of 60-foot articulating buses instead... A few months ago, the Transportation Commission began discussions regarding new bus purchases to meet the goal of increasing capacity and lessening drivers due to the issue of filling bus driver positions... The estimated cost for a 40-foot diesel bus is $425,000 that seats 35 with 18 standees. A 60-foot diesel artic bus is about $700,000 that seats 63 with 31 standees...  Last month Transportation Superintedent George Thornes stated, FY 14 funds can be rolled over to FY 15 to purchase two 60-foot artic buses but Thornes explained a five-year proposal should be formed for the MTA to plan into the future. Also, since there are only two artic bus manufacturers left in the country the option to lease artic buses is not in the picture...
Ocean City, MAR, USA – The Dispatch, by Joanne Shriner - 23 April 2015

* California - Preview Muni's biodiesel-electric hybrid buses at Boeddeker Park

-- Adding to your Earth Day to-do list, SFMTA announced this morning that Muni's new electric trolley and biodiesel-electric hybrid buses will be on display at Boeddeker Park. It's a fitting viewing location, considering the neighborhood's significant air pollution problems... The new buses are part of SFMTA's five-year plan to replace its entire fleet of buses and increase reliability for nearly 700,000 weekday riders. The new buses are being purchased in waves between 2013 and 2019... SFMTA  purchased 112 new biodiesel-electric hybrid buses in 2013, and debuted 62 of the buses in June of that year... Continuing the agency's mission to improve its fleet, Mayor Ed Lee announced in December of last year that SFMTA would purchase 61 hybrid diesel buses... Earlier this month, SFMTA also announced its "most significant service improvements in decades". The improvements include enhancing frequency for a number of lines impacted by rush hour and launching a "Rapid Network" to increase frequency for the system's heaviest-used bus routes...  
 San Francisco, CAL, USA - Hooline, by Brittany Hopkins - 22 April 2015

* Nebraska - New bus to transport middle school students

 -- The North Platte Public School middle configuration is moving forward and school officials have a vehicle to prepare for its eventuality... District administrators purchased a new Cornhusker International bus to transport middle school students for the coming year. According to the bid, the vehicle cost slightly more than $82,000 and will be part of a fleet of vehicles that will shuttle students between Madison and Adams... 
(Photo by Ralph Chapoco - A 72-passenger Bluebird bus North Platte Public School administrators and staff have is shown at the back of the bus barn and maintenance facility. The district purchased a similar vehicle for transportation use when students begin the coming school year for the middle school reconfiguration)  --  North Platte, NBR, USA - The North Platte Telegraph, by Ralph CHapoco - April 21, 20



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