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PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICE WORLDWIDE - * UK: Stagecoach's passenger satisfaction - * Malaysia: New BRT System busess

* UK / Scotland - Stagecoach scores highest for passenger satisfaction as survey shows Scots happier with bus service

-- Around nine in ten bus passengers in Scotland are satisfied with their service, according to the latest survey by the industry watchdog... Perth-based Stagecoach scored highest for overall satisfaction, journey time and punctuality in the latest bus passenger satisfaction survey... Stagecoach's operation in the Tayside and Central region scored highest for overall satisfaction and journey time with, respectively, 95 per cent and 93 per cent of passengers happy with the service...  However, the overall picture for Scotland showed that bus passengers north of the Border were generally happier with their service than those in England... The survey of more than 47,000 passengers found that 88 per cent of bus users in England were happy with their service compared to 92 per cent of Scots... Perth, Scotland, UK - The Herald Scotland, by Helen McArdle - 12 March 2015

* Malaysia - Electric bus service for Subang and Sunway folk

(Photo: The BRT will use 15 electric buses. These can run for 12 hours a day, about 250km or 23 trips)
 -- Coming in June, Sunway will see a new public transport service called the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which will help reduce congestion, improve time management and provide seamless connectivity for commuters... This project, the first of its kind in Malaysia, is expected to be completed by May, enabling commuters to use the 5.4km route within Subang and Bandar Sunway... An eco-friendly transportation system, the BRT will use 15 electric buses on dedicated lanes to minimise congestion... It is estimated that 2,400 passengers will be transported per hour in 2015 and the numbers are expected to reach 5,200 in 2035...

(Photo: Dedicated lanes for BRT’s electric buses)
 During the visit, Prasarana group managing director Azmi Abdul Aziz said the project was aiming for gold class certification, the highest recognition for BRT services around the world from the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy. It is an independent organisation working with local councils and governments based in New York... He also briefed the media on the facilities available on the buses and in the depot... Boasting comfortable seats, the buses are scheduled to operate with a headway of five minutes at 30kmh to 40kmh although they are capable of a maximum speed of 80kmh... A total of 15 charging bays are set up in the depot, which also houses the bus maintenance centre as well as the operations and security control centre...
Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - The Star Online, by PRIYA MENON- March 19, 2015

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