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ELECTRIC BUS * USA: Proterra's

* South Caroline - Proterra unveils 180-mile electric bus

 -- There are just a few players in the electric bus market right now. The two big ones, from what I’ve seen, are BYD and Proterra. BYD just recently unveiled a 200-mile electric bus and the largest battery-electric bus in the world, and Proterra has just announced its new TerraVolt XR extended-range electric bus... Offering up to 180 miles of driving on a single charge, the new Proterra TerraVolt XR electric bus will offer municipalities yet another option when it comes to replacing aging diesel buses... This means Proterra can now compete mile-for-mile with its primary rival, BYD, allowing for bus inter-city travel rather than merely local deliveries... The TerraVolt XR joins the TerraVolt FC, which has less range but can be recharged in as little as 5 minutes, minimizing downtime... Even with a smaller battery, the TerraVolt FC was able to cover some 700 miles in 24 hours, though the BYD electric bus covered nearly 750 miles in the same time...  Things are tight between these two electric buses to be sure. The TerraVolt XR will take about an hour to charge in comparison, with up to 321 kWh of onboard energy storage, compared to the FC's maximum pack size of 131 kWh ... ... Greenville, SC, USA - Clean Technica, by Christopher DeMorro - March 7th, 2015



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