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BUSES PURCHASE * USA: 20 plus new school vehicles

* North Carolina - Horry County Schools eying 20 replacement school buses

-- Horry County School’s fleet of 109 district-owned buses might be getting an upgrade soon... The district plans to bring a recommendation to the Board of Education at their next meeting for 20 new buses, said John Gardner, chief financial officer for the district... All the buses will be funded through the general fund, and the district has already set aside $840,000 for the replacements. The board has also planned to replace 10 buses during the 2015-16 school year, Gardner said... Horry County Schools’ buses travel 33,888 miles per day and rack up 61.1 million miles every year, according to district data. About 22,500 students ride the bus, and the district has about 373 drivers... Officials hope to have 30 new buses operating for the 2015-2016 school year, if the board approves the budget as currently proposed, Gardner said... The district will make a recommendation for 20 new buses at the board’s next meeting on March 23... (Photo by Janet Blackmon Morgan / The Sun News - Horry County Schools buses) -- Horry_County, South Carolina, USA - The Myrtle Beach On Line, by Claire Byun - 11 March 2015

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