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* Maine - Lewiston buses break down due to cold weather 

  -- Many Lewiston students had to stand in the bitter cold Tuesday morning for quite a while, completely unaware that their bus wasn't going to show up... Lewiston School District's superintendent Bill Webster took to social media, and sent out calls to parents the moment he learned that a third of his school buses weren't working. Webster said condensation got into the fuel lines of 14 of their contracted 42 buses. While some just wouldn't start, others started fine, but broke down along their route, or at school... Despite the delays, the school district reported a more than 90 percent attendance rate on Tuesday. Webster said that's thanks to the patience parents showed, some who waited for another bus to come along and others who ended up driving their kids to school themselves... Lewiton,Maine,USA -WCSH 6 Portland -February 24, 2015

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