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* USA / Pennsylvania - Cold weather can cause delays with school buses

  WTAE on YouTube, report by Watch Kelly 
Pittsburgh,PENN,USA -WTAE -7 Jan 2015: -- With wind chills below zero, school bus companies work overtime to make sure the buses will start and are able to operate safely in the cold... At ABC Transit in Etna, Aaron Silverman says his crews work late and start early during this weather... They check batteries, put additives in the diesel fuel to keep it from gelling and they check each bus to make sure it starts. Dead batteries are the most common issue in extreme cold conditions... Even though the additives are put in the fuel, it isn't a foolproof plan... "You could start the bus up here in the morning, everything sounds great, all the heat is working, everything is wonderful, you pull out of the lot and then at the first or second bus stop that fuel filter starts to plug up and the bus stops. So then you have a bus out on the road with no heat and we have to chase it at that point," said Silverman... This is why the decision to delay or cancel school is a joint effort. Silverman said his phone starts ringing at 4 a.m. with school districts asking if the buses are working... 

* Canada / Ontario - School Bus Cancellations in 

Ontario,ONT,CAN -CTV News, by Kendra Mangione -January 7, 2015: -- Several buses have been cancelled due to an extreme cold weather alert and snow squall warnings across southern Ontario... Environment Canada warns that a cold front passing over the Great Lakes will be accompanied by a "brief but intense band of heavy snow." Visibility could be reduced to 200 metres during the squalls... All school buses in Middlesex, Oxford, and Elgin Counties have been cancelled today (Wednesday, January 7th) as a result of poor visibility and road conditions... All school buses in the City of London have also now been cancelled — that decision was made only minutes after operators said those buses would start on schedule...



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