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GREEN BUSES * UK: Most polluted cities

* England - Bristol hybrid buses trial given £1m government grant

(Photo: Rupert Street, Bristol. Rupert Street, a busy bus route in the city centre, has the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide of any site in the Bristol network) Bristol,EN,UK -BBC News -9 Jan 2015: -- Hybrid buses that automatically switch from diesel to electric power in areas with poorer air quality are to be trialled in Bristol... The city has been given a £1m grant from the government to buy a number of hybrid buses, to coincide with its year as European Green Capital... The new diesel-electric hybrid buses will use "geo-fence" technology - which uses GPS or radio frequencies to define and recognise geographical boundaries - to automatically switch to zero emissions when entering particular areas of the city... The "trigger zones" will be set in places with poorer air quality and the council will use the data collected to evaluate the benefits for the city environment...

* England - Bath and Bristol streets exceed EU pollution levels

(Photo: A street in Bath which exceeds the recommended EU pollution limit) 
Bristol,EN,UK -BBC News, by Luke Hanrahan -Jan 2014: -- Rupert Street in Bristol had the highest levels of nitrogen oxide in the city... Dozens of streets across Bristol and Bath exceed European air pollution levels... Data from Bath and North East Somerset and Bristol City Council showed nitrogen dioxide levels were more than twice the EU limit in some roads... In 1999, the European Union set an objective for every member state to lower nitrogen dioxide levels to fewer than 40 micrograms per cubic metre of air by 2010... Local councils have a responsibility to monitor air quality. This information is then made publicly available... In 2010, 90 Bristol streets out of 123 monitored by the council registered levels above the EU limit...

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