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ELECTRIC SCHOOL BUSES * USA: New possibilities

* California - The billion-dollar potential of the ordinary American school bus

  (Published on Jun 30, 2014 By: National Strategies; LLC; PJM Interconnection LLC; Ernst & Young)
CAL,USA -Autoblog, by Pete Bigelow -11 Dec 2014: -- For the better part of seven decades, the ordinary American school bus has remained exactly the same. Someday soon, it could undergo a radical change... Next year, three California school districts will soon participate in a experiment that will examine whether school buses can be used beyond their traditional scope of transporting children to and from classrooms... A group of companies operating under a Clinton Global Initiative grant envision a zero-emissions future for school buses that's far more versatile. They're working with the schools to retrofit six school buses that double as rolling generators in their spare time... Once their appointed rounds are complete, these school buses can be used to make additional money for their owners by charging their new electric battery packs at off-peak hours and later selling the electricity back to power companies at higher prices during high-demand times. During power outages or other emergencies, the buses could transform into mobile generators used to power hospitals, command posts or other critical places...



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