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* Kentucky - Electric cars are cool. But electric buses are awesome

(Photo: Electric bus Louisville)
Earthtechling,Louisville,KEN,USA -Tree Hugger, by Sami Grover -January 20, 2015: -- I've been bullish about the spread of electric cars, and genuinely hope that they continue to wrestle more market share from their fossil-fueled counterparts... But electric cars can only take us so far. Electric buses, on the other hand, are a lot more exciting and becoming more commonplace... As reported over at Earthtechling, Louisville, Kentucky has just launched a fleet of 10 fully electric buses (this should complement the city's impressive urban tree-planting efforts). And Cleantechnica tells us that in Google's backyard of Mountain View, California, the tech giant is partnering with Motiv Power to trial four electric shuttle buses to service the downtown area... There are several reasons these initiatives (and other electric bus efforts) are so important. Here are just a few of them...



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