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ELECTRIC BUSES * China: BYD's - * Sweden / * Germany: Volvo's & Scania's

* China - BYD Electric Bus sales: 4,000 per year in

(Photo: BYD Recived Order For Over 600 Electric Buses and 400 Electric Taxis From Nanjing)
California,USA -Inside EVs,  by Eric Loveday -3 January 2015: -- There’s little information available, but according to a tweet from CALSTART, the self-declared  “leading catalyst organization for the global clean transportation technology industry,” BYD electric bus sales are incredibly high in China... The tweet references Brendan Riley, vice-president of fleet sales at BYD Motor, and states that BYD sells 4,000 electric buses per year in China. It then compares that figure to U.S. annual sales of buses (all types, mostly diesels: 5,000 units)... This 4,000-unit figure is shocking. We wouldn’t have pegged electric bus sales at anywhere near that annual volume in China. These figures show that in the electric bus space, BYD has no competition. Other electric bus makers are lucky to sell a few hundred units per year globally, while BYD sells 4,000 in just one country, plus a couple thousand more elsewhere outside of China... 

* Sweden - Volvo’s first electric hybrid in commercial service in Hamburg, Germany

Göteborg, Sweden -Business Wire -December 19, 2014: -- The new Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid commenced scheduled operation in Hamburg on December 18. The starting shot for the innovative bus system coincided with the opening of the Innovation Route 109. The route will be used by the public transport company in Hamburg, the Hamburger Hochbahn AG, to run comparative tests of innovative drive technologies under the strict everyday conditions of scheduled services. The city of Hamburg has established the target: from 2020, only emission-free buses should be acquired by the city... 

* Swedish City, Sodertalje, wants to save 13 million gallons per year using wirelessly charged buses

Sodertalje,Sweden -Autoevolution (UK), by BY IONUT UNGUREANU -21 DEC 2014: -- In case you thought the entire electric vehicle industry is going bankrupt over the sudden price lowering of gas (felt the most in the US), we’re here to tell there still might be hope for fresh air in the future. While most of the country is happy to fill their tanks with a lot less cash, some people around the world are going forward with their plans of switching from dinosaur-juice-addicted machines to electric cars... But what if we were to tell there is yet another company that is looking to test a wirelessly charged electric-hybrid city bus. It’s the brainchild of the Sweden-based busmaker Scania who is claiming that this is actually possible. In fact, the bus will start operating on the streets of Sodertalje, a city 30 minutes away from Stockholm, in June 2016, as part of a research project into sustainable vehicle technology... 



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