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BUSES vs. AIRLINES * Thailand

* Low-cost buses to fight budget airlines

(Photo: Bus Station of Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand)
Bangkok,Thailand -The Bangkok Post, by Amornrat Mahitthirook -15 Jan 2015: -- Bus operators plan to fight the inroads being made into their business by low-cost airlines as more and more passengers forsake bus terminals for airport lounges... Low-cost air-conditioned buses will have no snack and drink services for passengers, but they will pay lower fares to rival the airlines... "Bus operators have seen a 40% drop in passengers over the past few years due to the price wars of the airlines," Suchinda Cherdchai, president of the Association of Interprovincial Bus Operators said, "We have to make some adjustments to stay competitive" ... Low-budget airlines are offering ticket prices of as low as 1,000 baht for a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The price for the most luxurious bus on the same route by Nakhonchai Air is 876 baht. The flight time between the two destination is about one hour while travel time on a bus is eight hours more... Bus operators plan to fight the inroads being made...



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