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BUS WORKERS SPEAK * UK: "Why are you late?" ...

* England - ... All the controllers say that !!!

(Pic: - London buses stranded by last week’s strike) 
London,EN,UK -The Socialist Worker, by Raymie Kiernan -20 Jan 2015: -- Strikes by London bus drivers have brought the state of the capital’s transport service to the fore. Most people think driving a bus must be stressful, but have little idea of the unrelenting pressure put on drivers. Mostafa, a driver, spoke to about the pressures of work bus driver: “The controlers talk down to the drivers like we don’t exist. They don’t understand what is going on... We get harassed. All they see is that buses are running close together. Every driver’s cab has an ‘ibus’ screen that shows how close their bus is to the one in front of them” ...   The pressure comes from the top. Mostafa points out, Transport for London’s (TfL) tendering process for contracts is not about providing a proper service to the public ... It’s all about mileage. The companies want to show TfL that the service is running perfectly to avoid getting penalised. They force drivers to do more than what their duties require them to do ...    That makes an already stressful job worse. Mostafa said, “We’ve got a bus full of passengers, while we are dealing with the traffic on the roads"...



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