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BORDER TROUBLES * Suriname / Guyana: Bus drivers in Suriname blocked the road

* Suriname - Government moves to clamp down on foreign bus drivers

Paramaribo,Suriname -The Jamaica Observer –January 12, 2015: -- The Suriname government says while Guyanese bus drivers have the right to operate in the country, they must first apply for the necessary license to do so... The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Tourism (TCT) made the announcement after bus drivers earlier this month called on the authorities to find a solution to the problem where Guyanese bus drivers transporting passengers to the Suriname-Guyana border now travel to the capital, Paramaribo... The TCT said it has requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help arrange a meeting with its transport counterparts in Guyana and that it has also requested information from the Guyana embassy about what is required from Surinamese bus drivers who want to take passengers beyond the western border... Bus drivers in Suriname blocked the road to and from South Drain in District Nickerie two weeks ago where the Canawaima Ferry berths, protesting the action of their Guyanese counterparts... The bus owners say they have been complaining of unfair competition from the Guyanese drivers for four years and it was time for the government to take action...

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