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TECHNO-NEWS * UK: Supercapacitors

* England - IDTechEx: Jostling for leadership 

(Photo: Highest energy and power density ultracapacitors) 
Cambridge,EN,UK -BUSINESS WIRE -December 01, 2014: -- Supercapacitor market leader Maxwell Technologies has faltered temporarily due to phasing of demand for supercapacitors on Chinese hybrid buses. One of the most formidable innovators it now sells large stacks for grid management and for energy harvesting in large construction vehicles. The recent IDTechEx Supercapacitors event in Santa Clara California taught us more... Many car manufacturers are now assessing supercapacitors for their next hybrids, following the practice of Chinese bus manufacturers, MAN buses in Germany, the Toyota Formula One racer, the Yaris concept car and other hybrid electric vehicles in adopting supercapacitors in place of lithium-ion batteries. Add the trend to an increasing minority of stop-start and energy harvesting alternator systems on conventional cars adopting supercapacitors so they operate at low temperature and with the toughest duty cycles. Professor Burke felt that there will one day be another jump in adoption of supercapacitors in electric vehicles but, for him, “It has been a long wait”... Compared to a thin film lithium battery, its energy per volume is an order of magnitude lower, but its power is over 10,000 times higher...



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