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AUTOMATED BUSES * Europe: They 're the real future

Wrong With Driverless Cars

(Video from Rivium/2getthere, by Sustainable Mobility Solutions: Unmanned buses are tested in Italy)
-Business Insider by JOSHUA BARRIE -Dec. 1, 2014: -- Sorry, Google. Some public transport experts think that driverless buses — not robotic cars — are the real future... The advantages of unmanned buses over the car equivalents is discussed based on a letter from Luca Guala, of transport thinktank Mobility Thinklab... In his note, Guala concedes that driverless vehicles have a "bright future" but are not as practical as driverless buses, which are particularly beneficial on highly-congested roads... Driverless buses, Guala argues, are more efficient because they can carry more people than cars and eventually may be cheaper than the regular bus system because you don't have to pay a driver. The driverless buses are kind of like an updated tram system, such as London's TramLink, but it doesn't need tracks. And since everything is automated, it also means fewer delays... Another advantage of driverless buses over cars is that they follow set routes, so they are much easier to implement and run. The routes can be changed if needed...  Navigation is less of an issue when compared to cars because buses use travel specific lines — they aren't roaming all over the place. Alongside legal technicalities, this has traditionally been the biggest challenge to overcome if automated technology becomes synonymous on roads...

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