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* New York - The Commute: Just another day riding the buses

NY,USA -Sheepshead Bites, by Allan Rosen -Nov 3rd, 2014: -- Last week, a one-and-a-quarter-mile afternoon trip took my friend one hour and 20 minutes using two buses. He waited 28 minutes for the B68 and another 30 minutes for the B82 in Coney Island. Three B68s came at once, and he just missed the B82. BusTime obviously is not being used to regulate the buses. What the MTA is doing, however, to help buses adhere to their schedule is putting pressure on bus drivers not to be late... Years ago, it was a priority for buses to service all customers. Drivers always asked passengers to move to the rear and sometimes refused to move the bus if passengers did not comply. Those days are long gone with the uptick in bus driver assaults... So today, bus operators seem to pick and choose whom they will pick up... Enough doom and gloom. This piece has been filled with a lot of complaining but I believe in being fair. Every bus trip is not a nightmare. Sometimes the system works well... But the SBS will not solve most of the problems with local bus travel today, as the MTA is trying to convince us...

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