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* England - 7 Reasons to ride London's double-decker buses

London,EN,UK -CN Traveler, by Janssen Bradshaw -November 03, 2014: -- London's iconic red double-decker buses are actually one of the most convenient, inexpensive, and fun ways to get around the city. Here are seven reasons why you need to add a bus ride to your next London itinerary... 

* It’s a cheap way to get around.
 * You get a much better sense of the city.
 * The views are great
 * It’s the simplest way to get around with a stroller.
 * The routes are really direct.
 * Google Maps makes it simple.
 * They usually aren’t too crowded. 

Far fewer tourists ride the bus and since there are so many buses (most run every 3-10 minutes) with so many seats, they generally don’t get too crowded. No matter the time of day, you’re very likely to get a seat... 

* England - Cambridge Park and Ride declared 'utter shambles' as passengers are left waiting 45 minutes to pay

(Photo by Digsby: The queues at Newmarket Road park and ride)
Cambridge,EN,UK -The Cambridge News -November 03, 2014: -- Fuming customers have hit out at the “horrendous” queues plaguing Cambridge’s park and ride sites following a controversial move to bring in parking charges... The News has been inundated with a flurry of complaints from frustrated users furious at having to wait for as long as 45 minutes just to pay for their parking... In the meantime, buses are setting off with just handfuls of passengers... The county council has now been forced to install more machines and increase help at the sites in a bid to curb the chaos...



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