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PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICE * India: Special section for female in buses

* Andhra Pradesh - Wire mesh between men, women in city buses

(Photo by A RADHAKRISHNA - The mesh and sliding door which separates ‘men’ and ‘women’ sections in Ordinary city buses of the RTC in Hyderabad) 
Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,India -New India Express -24th November 2014: -- Second-year engineering student Mounika heaved a sigh of relief after boarding an RTC bus at Rathifile bus depot here on Sunday as she found separate sections for male and female passengers in her bus... The State Road Transport Corporation has partitioned the sections in eight ordinary city buses, to start with, with mesh and a sliding door after four rows of seats for women. With this, sections allotted for both genders are visibly segregated, aiming to put an end to harassment faced by women. In September, glass panes without sliding door were tried by the corporation. Much to the chagrin of women travelling on buses, men of all ages, including drunkards, move into women’s section, sometimes fall on them and occupy seats reserved for women. Hence the experiment. Women commuters, while welcoming the steps, suggested that a helpline phone number be displayed in buses for lodging complaints in case of harassment...



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