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Buses World News

In brief: Worldwide montly news & informations about Buses, Busmakers, Passengers' and the Transport Industry



* Washington - With transit money approved, Seattle pledges to spend new dollars well

(Photo by Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times - A passenger heads to a Metro bus on Third Avenue in Seattle. A total of 49 routes are supposed to gain service, not just the all-day routes, but full peak-only routes that need a couple more daily runs) 
Seattle,WASH,USA -The Seattle Times, by Mike Lindblom -November 5, 2014: -- What’s next for Seattle transit, now that voters have agreed to tax themselves for a 15 percent bus-service increase by late next year... Elected leaders promised Wednesday to make good use of the $45 million per year that Seattle voters approved to put more buses on the city’s busy streets... The Seattle City Council will enjoy wide discretion to satisfy public demand for more King County Metro Transit service — far beyond just rescuing those routes that are so crowded drivers pass up waiting customers... If the council chooses, Seattle could even pay Metro enough to ensure a bus every 15 minutes on several crosstown routes... 

* Massachusetts - New hybrid MBTA buses promise fuel efficiency, live surveillance

(Photo: MBTA officials aid the new hybrid diesel-electric buses will also include a "Live Look In" surveillance system)
Boston,MASS,USA -Metro -November 5, 2014: -- Transit officials yesterday rolled out the first in a line of 60 new hybrid diesel-electric buses that MBTA officials say line up with its environmental focus and need to replace the outdated fleet, but the vehicles also come with some other extra features - like a few more sets of eyes... The forty-foot buses will feature on-board video recording and surveillance systems including “Live Look In,” which will allow Transit Police to remotely access and monitor bus activity... MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott said the fully-accessible buses will have improved customer information systems, better lighting and greater reliability... The remaining 59 buses are expected to be delivered by the end of March... Passenger Amenities include a seating capacity of 37, with two wheelchair locations, an easy to operate exterior bicycle rack capable of storing two bikes, high visibility LED destination signs, automated “next stop” voice announcements, and an automatic passenger counter system...

* California - Muni wants to speed 19th Avenue buses

(Photo by Dustin Allen) 
San Francisco,CAL,USA -SF Bay, by Jerold Chinn -November 5, 2014: -- The 28-19th Avenue bus and its limited service are two busy Muni routes in San Francisco... Both routes carry a total of about 15,000 riders daily, which include San Francisco State University students, tourists heading to the Golden Gate Bridge, residents making a connections... Thousands of riders depend on the 28-19th Avenue bus, which is why the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is looking to make service improvements along the 19th Avenue... The bus can often been seen packed to the brim with riders or passing up riders because it just cannot fit anymore riders as it did to Muni rider Dustin Allen last month: "Still no 28, but now 4 right after another coming... A completely packed 28 came and didn't even stop at the bus stop" ... Eight bus stops will be relocated to the far side so that the buses can make use of the planned transit signal priority that will program traffic lights to hold green lights for approaching buses... The proposed changes would reduce travel time on the 28 local service by 20 percent (four minutes of travel time in each direction)...



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