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* Sydney 'ghost buses' taking less than one passenger per day

  (Video by Media and Transport Channel: Buses running around empty with no passengers) 
Sydney,NSW,Australia -9NEWS -November 4, 2014: -- They are Sydney's ghost buses, the services that can pick up on average less than one passenger a day... On the 341 service at Kingsford it's eerily quiet. It runs twice a day but is rarely flagged down... The 341 picked up only 233 people last year. On average that's less than one person a day... The situation was even more dire on the number 31, the Camden to Cobbitty service, with only 69 passengers flagging it down during 2013... You're guaranteed a seat if you're in the Blue Mountains - the 694 at Springwood carried only 131 passengers last year... It's in stark contrast to the busiest service in the state, route 400 which stops at Sydney Airport. It transported more than 4.6 million passengers in 2013... But these other services continue to operate, with rows and rows of empty seats... These buses are driving around Sydney without a passenger in sight and they are being funded by the taxpayer...



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