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BUSES SALES * Europe / Germany: Mercedes' Citaro

* France - Mercedes Citaro articulated bus entered to Paris

(Photo Gilbert: Mercedes Citaro articulated ride on the lines of the RATP in Paris) Paris,France -Autocar and Bus -31 Oct 2014: -- RATP users will be transported shortly by Mercedes Citaro articulated buses...  To date, the manufacturer has delivered 228 Citaro Euro 5 and 34 meet the new emission standards in the colors of the RATP Group. The new Citaro articulated 18.10 m, tested by our colleague, has a capacity of 32 seats + driver and 119 standing. Four double doors opening to facilitate the type of underground ascents and descents. It is powered by the Mercedes engine OM 470 10.6 developing the 394 hp, coupled with ZF Ecolife automatic transmission 6-speed...



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