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*  Maine - Farmington, Madison switch seven school buses to propane

(Photo by David Leaming - RSU 9 bus driver Nancy Richardson wears protective gear while filling one of four new buses with propane on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014) 
Farmington,MAI,USA -The Central Maine, by K. Schroeder -2 Nov  2014: -- A half dozen buses in central Maine are now running on liquid propane — a cheaper, quieter and comparatively greener fuel source that’s rare but catching on... Madison and Farmington based school districts received grants this school year to switch a total of seven buses to take propane. A Madison business, Bob’s Cash Fuel, received a town grant to help build a fueling station to cater to buses and anyone else who adopts the fuel... In Farmington, David Leavitt, director of support services for Regional School Unit 9, said replacing four of their buses with ones that use propane was part of the school district’s efforts to adopt “greener” fuel sources like wood pellet boilers and ground source heating and cooling... The greener fuel is about $1 cheaper a gallon than diesel, runs cleaner and is catching on in Maine and other states...



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