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ALTERNATIVE FUELS * UK: Biogas from food waste co-digestion

* England - Poo Powered bus steams into Bristol thanks to biogas from food waste co-digestion

  (Video from #BioBus, by GENeco -Nov 19, 2014: We’ve launched the first UK bus powered on gas generated from recycling food waste and treating sewage – the Bio-Bus!... Television personality Stefan Gates took the first journey on the bus, which is refuelled at GENeco’s gas to grid plant at Bristol sewage treatment works. GENeco produces enough biomethane at the plant to power almost 8,500 homes as well as providing gas for the Bio-Bus which can travel around 300km on a full tank) 
London,EN,UK -WWW, by Ben Messenger -20 November 2014: -- Poo Powered Bus Steams into Bristol thanks to Biogas from Food Waste Co-Digestion Biogas from the co-digestion of food waste and sewage at a Wessex Water facility in Bristol is being used to power the first poo powered bus in the UK... According to GENeco, a subsidiary of utility firm Wessex Water, it became the first company in the UK to start injecting gas generated from food waste and sewage into the national gas grid network and at the same time installed a gas refuelling plant for the bus... The 40-seater Bio-Bus, which runs on gas generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste that’s unfit for human consumption, is expected to help to improve urban air quality as it produces fewer emissions than traditional diesel engines... The company added that the bus can travel up to 300km on a full tank of gas generated from the organic wastes at Bristol sewage treatment works...



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