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* England - Devolution means councils climbing back on the buses

Birmingham,West Midlands,EN,UK -The Information Daily, by SA Mathieson -October 28, 2014: ... Seven local authorities in the north east voting to change local bus regulations. The authorities in question have since April made up the North East Combined Authority. They voted to shift bus services in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne to a quality contract scheme, effectively reversing the deregulation Margaret Thatcher’s government imposed on bus services across the country in 1986... Nexus, the local passenger transport executive which runs the area’s metro, is set to take over the setting of fares, routes and frequencies, as is the case in London. The plans would allow integrated ticketing, like London’s Oyster card system... But, bus operators including Stagecoach are furious, and plan to continue to fight the plans. It is obvious why: in the capital, bus operators are almost literally invisible, their corporate colours banished in favour of London bus red, their room to innovate removed. Transport for London sells the tickets, sets the routes and makes the rules. Unlike underground trains it doesn’t actually own or operate the buses; this is left to 22 operators (with a number having common parent companies, including Arriva and Abellio). But the companies basically do what they are told, and are paid centrally... For some companies working with government and doing business in devolved city regions will mean big challenges some new some old...



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