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BUS RECALLS * Canada: Montreal buses

* Quebec - 865 STM buses affected by Nova Bus recall

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Montreal,QBC,CAN -The Gazette, by Monique Muise -August 21, 2014: -- The Société de transport de Montréal says it has conducted spot checks on 865 buses that were part of a manufacturer’s recall, but mechanics found “no particular problems” ... Nova Bus recently issued a recall on various LFS models that now make up a large portion of the STM’s fleet. One of the cables that connects to the alternator in these buses has been found to be defective, and may pose a fire risk... So far, the STM has not recorded any problems on moving buses, but smoke was reported coming from the engine on a bus parked in a garage... Nova Bus will assume all costs related to the recall. It has until Aug. 29 to inform the STM how it will fix the issue and replace the defective parts... It’s the second time this month that government-owned vehicles have been found to suffer from defects. Montreal’s city council is currently being asked to approve nearly $1 million in funding to repair 48 fire trucks with an unusual buildup of contaminants in their engines. A faulty air filter is being blamed for that problem, and the city will reportedly seek damages from the filter’s manufacturer...

* Quebec - Transport Canada critical of Nova Bus recall. Transit agencies weren't informed until weeks after recall notice posted

(Photo: Gatineau's STO said it was concerned after it found out about an engine part recall more than a month after it was posted)
Gatineau,QBC,CAN -CBC -Aug 22, 2014: -- Gatineau's STO said it was concerned after it found out about an engine part recall more than a month after it was posted... Transport Canada says the company manufacturing buses subject to a recall should have told Gatineau’s STO and other transit agencies about it sooner than they did... Nova Bus is fixing faulty alternators in some 1,500 transit buses in Canada, 68 of them in Gatineau, because of a fire hazard... Gatineau’s transit agency said it found out about the recall after an unrelated engine fire on Aug. 8, more than a month after the recall was issued on July 2... The Toronto Transit Commission said they'll inspect 88 of their buses because of the recall, but aren't pulling any off the road...



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