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* India - Bleeding Dry: The Bus Stops Here

New Delhi,India -The New India Express/The Sundat Srandard, by Sumit Kumar Singh -27 Aug 2014: ... The Delhi government shunted out killer Blueline buses and gradually started phasing out an old fleet of DTC buses to replace them with AC and ordinary low-floor buses... But shockingly, on an average, 175 of the total 1,275 red AC buses that carry a price tag of a whopping `67 lakh per bus break down every day... Inquiries reveal that the air-conditioning system of the buses is not able to match the load. In 100 such buses, the system has stopped functioning. So, the government instead of maintaining a good fleet of red buses is planning to give up on acquiring new ones... Such frequent incidents of breakdown cause traffic jams during peak hours... In the meantime, the Delhi government wanted to make the DTC buses disabled-friendly... The government decided to replace the fleet with low-floor buses...  Also, there are only two manufacturers in the country which supply these buses and they have started dictating their terms... 

* Australia - B.C. Transit looks to add more double-deckers to its fleet

(Photograph By LYLE STAFFORD - Of B.C. Transit's 69 double-decker buses, 62 are in Greater Victoria, with the remaining seven in Kelowna. The public-transit provider is considering adding more double-deckers, but it's not known yet in which regions they would be used) 
 Kelowna,BC,Australia -The Times Colonist, by Carla Wilson -August 19, 2014: -- More double-decker buses could be rolling along B.C. roads now that B.C. Transit is seeking interest from manufacturers... Transit is suggesting that the first potential delivery could start late in 2016... Double-deckers are already a familiar sight in the capital region. Of B.C. Transit’s 69 double-deckers, 62 are in Greater Victoria, with the remaining seven in Kelowna...

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