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* England - London buses will be unable to break speed limit in drive to improve road safety

(Picture by Glenn Copus - Safety drive: some London buses will take part in a trial which will see their speed limited) 
London,EN,UK -The London Evening Star, by M. Beard -18 July 2014: -- Some of London buses will be unable to break the speed limit in a bid to improve road safety in a trial to start next year... Cruise control technology linked to a digital speed map of all of London’s roads will be used to stop drivers going too fast in the project by Transport for London... The Intelligent Speed Adaptation, or ISA, will be used on buses for the first time on UK streets and it is hoped that due to their size the buses will also be able to prevent other vehicles from breaking the speed limit... A small number of buses will take in the trial as TfL looks to reduce the number of fatalities on London’s roads, around half of which involve vehicles breaking the speed limit... Earlier this month the City of London introduced a blanket 20mph limit with a pledge by its police to make it the first London borough where it is rigorously enforced... To further enhance bus safety, TfL is already running a trial with vehicles fitted with collision detection software - sensors that alert the driver when a cyclist or pedestrian gets dangerously close...



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