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PASSENGERS' TRANSPORT INDUSTRY * USA: California - Indiana - New York

* California - San Francisco boldly stands up to tech buses with $3.55 fee

San Francisco,CAL,USA -The Valley Wag, by Kevin Montgomery -15 July 2014: -- San Francisco's plan to legalize the armada of tech buses has sailed past its last regulatory hurdle. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency voted today to approve increased fees charged to tech companies for using city bus stops, as part of its controversial shuttle pilot program... According to KQED News, SFMTA raised the per-stop fee charged to shuttle operators from $1 up to $3.55. The fee was increased for two reasons. Residents demanded fewer city stops be included in the pilot program, which means there would be less revenue coming in, and the projected administrative costs were higher than anticipated... Those critics are proceeding with a lawsuit, challenging the luxury shuttle program on environmental grounds. But it's unlikely that the suit will prevent the pilot from going forward: Google buses are slated to begin rolling legally through San Francisco on August 1st...

* Indiana - New buses provide transportation to suburban jobs

Indianapolis,IND,USA -The Indianapolis Recorder -July 15, 2014: -- Building on the success of the Plainfield Connector, which started in 2013 and provides more than 1,400 one-way trips a month connecting people to jobs in industrial parks, the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA) will launch two new commuter bus services later this year... Plainfield, Whitestown job growth spurs two new commuter bus services... Service to start before distribution facilities' busy holiday season...

* New York - How Chinatown Buses survived competition, regulation, and the occasional gang war

(Photo: A discount bus on August 20, 2013 in New York City) 
NY,USA -Business Week/Bloomberg, by Patrick Clark -July 17, 2014: -- Next month, New York City will start fining the intercity carriers known colloquially as Chinatown buses for operating without permits or making stops outside of sanctioned areas... The Chinatown bus phenomenon began in the late 1990s, to serve either immigrant restaurant workers holding down jobs in multiple cities or immigrant New Yorkers with children at elite schools in Boston. In any case the bus lines quickly expanded their reach, catering to students and other frugal travelers who didn’t mind obscure pickup spots or drivers who didn’t speak much English if it meant a cheaper fare... At first the competition came from other Chinatown companies... Then there was corporate competition. By 2008, BoltBus, owned by Greyhound and operated in partnership with Peter Pan, and Megabus, owned by the British company Stagecoach... Last year, Greyhound and Peter Pan teamed up to launch another bus service—called Yo!— between New York and Boston... Last came the regulators. New York City’s recent law is the latest attempt at a crackdown. It may hit some operators, but if history is any guide, the Chinatown buses will persevere...

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