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* USA / Florida - Cameras catch drivers passing buses illegally

Lee County,FL,USA -ABC 7 TV, by Charlie Keegan -May 27, 2014: -- Drivers are passing school buses when they’re supposed to stop and the Lee County school district has video proof... Special cameras hooked on two school buses caught 123 violators since December. But NBC-2 has learned none of the drivers will get a ticket... This kind of moving traffic violation has to happen in the presence of an officer and the officer has to physically hand the ticket to the driver; not mail it after the fact... The district’s free trial will continue at least through summer school... 

* USA / California - Muni eliminates some bus seats in latest experiment 

San Francisco,CAL,USA -The San Francisco Chronicle, by Michael Cabanatuan & Jill Tucker -May 28, 2014: ... We know that it's long been difficult to find a seat on Muni. But it could be getting tougher in a couple of ways... Perhaps you've noticed the large decals on the first row of forward-facing fold-down seats near the front of buses that no longer fold down... Muni began locking the seats in the folded-up position about a month ago to comply with safety warnings from a number of bus manufacturers. The bus builders warn that because those seats have no barrier in front of them - the back of another seat, a wall or partition - people sitting in them could pitch forward when the bus stops suddenly... Muni considered installing barriers but decided they would obstruct access to the wheelchair tie-down areas. So, instead, the seats have been secured in the flipped-up position... Muni expects to have all the flip-down seats permanently flipped up by mid-June, said Paul Rose, spokesman for the Municipal Transportation Agency...

* Singapore - Overhauls public-bus industry

(Photo from Agence France Press/Getty Images: A woman holds a placard to protest against fare hikes on public transport in Singapore; the government's immigration policy has been blamed for stretching the country's public-transport system) 
Singapore -The WSJ -NY,USA-, by CHUN HAN WONG -May 21, 2014: -- Singapore will open its public-bus industry to more private operators and nationalize certain bus assets, in a push to overhaul a sector plagued by ailing service standards... The revamp, due to start in the second half of this year, would end a decades-old duopoly by allowing contractors to bid for rights to run state-planned bus routes, Singapore's Land Transport Authority said in a statement late Wednesday... Move will affect two transport firms SBS Transit and SMRT Corp... The move is the latest in a series of government efforts to shore up the city-state's public-transport network—a frequent subject of public ire due to overcrowding, rising prices and increasingly inefficient service in recent years...

* Singapore - First bus package to be tendered has 24 routes

(Photo: Riding a bus in Singapore)
Singapore -My Paper/OMI, by ROYSTON SIM -29 May 2014: -- The first bus package to be tendered out under a new operating model will comprise 24 existing routes in the west of Singapore... Announcing details yesterday, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the routes originate from the Jurong East, Bukit Batok and Clementi bus interchanges... Operators can bid to run the package, starting with about 380 buses, and expanding to about 500 buses by 2021, in tandem with the development of Tengah New Town and Bukit Batok West... In a radical restructuring of the public bus industry, the Government will now own all fleets and infrastructure, and contract out routes to be operated by transport companies...



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