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BUSMAKERS NEWS * USA - Old buses fleet - New Flyer´s

* Florida - Consultant: Buses are safe, but fleet is very old

(Photo11: WTSP - School bus-stop sign) 
Hillsborough County, Florida -WTSP, by Jennifer Titus -May 7, 2014: -- "The fleet is safe. The fleet is operating but, the big but, is that your fleet is old," says consultant Tom Platt... It's good news for the Hillsborough County School Board Wednesday morning after hearing straight from the consultant's mouth that the bus fleet is not dangerous for your child to ride but, like he said, there's a huge but... "2.2% of the buses are breaking down," says Platt... Since 2006, the school district has bought a total of 36 new buses and Tom Platt says this is the outcome... The consultant says 349 units in the fleet need to be purchased now and 193 more next year... 

* Minnesota - St. Cloud bus maker grows with compact product

(Photo: Jason Wachter/St Cloud Times: New Flyer Plant Manager David Bendorf (left) and Craig "Bull" Ziebol, weld and MiDi project supervisor, talk April 4 about the new MiDi bus line with the first MiDi bus to be produced behind them) 
St.Cloud,MINN,USA -St Cloud Times, by Kevin Allenspach -May 3, 2014: -- New Flyer is rolling out a new line of medium-duty buses in collaboration with a bus manufacturer in the United Kingdom. To make it happen, New Flyer has expanded its factory and workforce... The longtime heavy-duty bus manufacturer is in the process of rolling out a new model — the MiDi — a medium-sized, low-floor bus intended for medium-duty transit and shuttle services... Unlike the heavy-duty buses, which can be as much as 60 feet long, the MiDi is about half that... 

* Pennsylvania - Five feet could make a difference in Pottsgrove bus fleet

Pottstown,PA,USA –The Post -2 May 2014: -- Pennsylvania is one of only five states that limits the length of school buses to 40 feet... A Lawrence County state senator wants to help untie the hand behind the bidding back of the Pottsgrove School District, or any other entity in Pennsylvania that needs to buy a school bus... The Board of School Directors late last month uthorized the district to begin seeking bids for two new school buses and two 9-passenger vans for the Pottsgrove bus fleet... The order to be placed by Pottsgrove limits the length of those buses to no more than 40 feet, the maximum-sized bus allowed on state roadways. Problem is, the availability of 40-foot buses is shrinking and their prices are rising. Most bus manufacturers now make vehicles 45 feet long, the maximum length allowable in all but five states...



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