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* California - Feds revisit safety rules after fiery bus crash

(Photo by JEREMY LOCKETT/AP: A charter bus erupted in flames after a FedEx truck crashed into the vehicle head-on on a California highway last week) Red Bluff,CAL,USA -AO/Manufacturing Net, by Fenit Nirappil and Joan Lowy in Washington, D.C./Terry Chea in San Francisco/Justin Pritchard in Los Angeles -14 April 2014: -- Federal transportation authorities are investigating ways to minimize death and injuries in bus crashes following the fiery wreck leaving 10 dead when a FedEx truck slammed into a bus carrying high school students in Northern California... On Thursday, the truck driver veered across the Interstate 5 median, sideswiped a sedan and collided with the bus, leaving no tire marks to suggest he had applied his brakes. Dozens of injured students escaped through windows before the vehicles exploded into towering flames and billowing smoke in Orland, Calif., 100 miles north of Sacramento. The sedan driver told investigators the truck was in flames before the crash, but the National Transportation Safety Board investigators found no physical evidence of a pre-impact fire or other witnesses to confirm that account... The bus' black box-style electronic control module was recovered, and investigators will use other tools to reconstruct the truck's speed and maneuvers. Blood tests can tell if the drivers were impaired. The investigation will also review maintenance records and the drivers' medical histories...



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