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* India - Scania launches new range of heavy vehicle

Mumbai,India -Hindustan Times -4 Feb 2013: -- Scania Commercial Vehicle (SCV), manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport, today launched its new range of buses and coaches for the first time in the country... First deliveries to customers by Scania will take place in mid-2013 and assembly of complete coaches will start at Scania's new facility in Bengaluru in early 2014... Scania will invest Rs. 2.5 bn in India... Scania's target is to sell about 2,000 trucks, 1000 coaches per year in the Indian market within next few years... Scania Metrolink bus is offered in two and three-axle, based on modular bodywork in the Indian market, with styling, parallel opening doors that provide easy acces. Metrolink model have 45-seater, 49-seater and 53 seater with full comfort...



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