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* Belgium - The European Market in 2012 VI gloomy 

Brussels,Belgium -Autocar Bus and Infos -30 Jan 2013: -- Registrations of new commercial vehicles in Europe fell by 12.4% in 2012, reaching 1,695,173 units, according to figures from the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers released before yesterday... France remains in this sector the largest European market with quarter of immats, despite a decline of 10.6% to 381,233 units...  Registrations under PL 16 t decrease of 9.1% in Europe to 285,809 units, only to - 7.5% in France, with 45,678 units. The market for more than 16 t undergoes a substantial decrease slightly more at - 9.4%, or 214,086 registrations across the EU. In France, the sector declined by 8.5% to 36,461 units... 

* France - Buses, coaches, mini: registrations down 12% in 2012

Paris,France -Autocar and Bus Infos, 19239, by FG -30 Jan 2013: -- According to figures from the Chambre Syndicale CSIAM and the Committee of Manufacturers (CCFA), registrations coaches, buses and minibuses minibus (from 3.5 t) decreased in 2012 compared to 2011. With 725 fewer vehicles, the new home market fell by 11.95%. In total, 6,062 vehicles people were registered last year against 6,787 in 2011, a record in France and even in Europe. By brand, the first three manufacturers on the French market Iveco Irisbus (36.1%), Mercedes-Benz (33.6%) and Heuliez Bus (6.8% - subsidiary Iveco bus group)...



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