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BUS SALES * Europe

* Europe - Commercial Vehicle Registrations:  -10.3%.  Over eight months:  -12.4% in August

Brussels,Belgium -ACEA (PR) -28 Sept 2012: -- In July, demand for new commercial vehicles was down 5.1% in the EU, following the downward trend commenced in January. While the French (+0.7%) and British (+8.5%) markets expanded, Germany (-2.9%), Spain (-21.4%) and Italy (-28.4%) all recorded negative results... From January to August, the EU recorded 1,131,238 new vehicles, or 10.3% less than in the same period a year earlier. Germany (-2.5%), the UK (-4.0%), France (-7.0%), Spain (-24.9%) and Italy (-35.3%) all saw their markets contract...

* New Buses and Coaches over 3.5t: The segment of buses and coaches was the only one to expand, both in July (+3.7%) and August (+5.6%). Demand was sustained in July by mainly France (+8.3%) and the UK (+82.5%), and in August by France (+10.9%) and Germany (+11.9%). Results from January to August show a 56.8% growth in the UK and a 6.7% increase in Germany, while France declined by 3.6%. Italy (-32.5%) and Spain (-42.4%) faced a sharper downturn...



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