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Women armed on the bus * Egypt - With pins to ward off molesters

Groping on packed minibuses, whistles, penetrating stares, winking, and busy hands are very common in Egypt

Cairo,Egypt -Al Ahram Hebdo/ANSAmed (Rome,Italy) -November 23, 2008: -- A pin to ward off "the groping" of molesters who on public transportation in Cairo are bothering young Egyptian women... Veils, separate cars on the underground, and reserved or occupied spaces for females on buses are not able to reduce the number of sexual molestations against them... For this reason, many girls by now are getting on the bus, 'armed' with large pins... Many studies, wrote Egyptian weekly, Al Ahram Hebdo, have highlighted that in Egypt, more than 50% of cases of sexual attacks take place on public transport... In comparison to other European studies - explained Racha Mohamad, researcher in the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights - it has emerged that in Europe, these abuses usually occur at work or in closed places"...



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