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BLIND SPOTS * Canada - A issue for bus drivers

* Alberta - Union argues Edmonton bus blind spot could hide 19 pedestrians

(Video from stpatuorg - Aug 25, 2016: Roughly one pedestrian per week is killed by a transit bus in the United States. Buses have huge left hand mirrors, mounted in critical sight lines, that needlessly block the driver's vision and cause fatal pedestrian accidents. In fact, from the point of view of the bus driver, up to 13 pedestrians may be hidden behind the massive "A" pillar and left side mirror at any given time. The cost of eliminating the blind spot is under $300 per bus)

--- Transit union officials say an unnecessary, massive blind spot on Edmonton's New Flyer buses was likely to blame in Tuesday's fatal pedestrian accident and are urging officials to retrofit the vehicles with a better mirror... A veteran driver with a clear safety record was trying to make a left turn in full daylight Tuesday, say union officials. The bus struck and killed an 83-year-old woman in a marked crosswalk... The issue is across North America. European buses have thin corner pillars and mirrors raised above the driver's field of view. Drivers can clearly see pedestrians... North American buses have a large mirror attached to a pillar made thick with Fiberglas and an extra rubber seal holding in the window... In Edmonton, that blind spot measures 35 centimetres from the window to the edge of the mirror .. If a bus is sitting in traffic waiting to turn left, 19 people could stand side by side on the far side of the street and disappear from the driver's view, said Brian Sherlock, safety specialist with Amalgamated Transit Union International. He spent the last three years lobbying New Flyer and other bus manufacturers to change their design... 
Edmonton, ALB, CAN - Edmonton Herald, by ELISE STOLTE - OCTOBER 07, 2016



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