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YUTONG BUSES * Cuba: Market leader

* Havana - Chinese manufacturers grabbed strong foothold in Cuba

--- The International Convention and Exhibition of the Cuban Industry kicked off in Havana. 16 Chinese companies took part in the fair. And some of them have already taken a firm footholding in the country... At the heart of the exhibition center stand two brand new coaches from Yutong Group. The Chinese bus maker has become the market leader in Cuba, as millions of cubans take buses made by the company every day... "Over the past decade, Yutong Group has succeeded in developing in Cuba. This is not just our pride, but also the pride of Chinese brand and people," said Fang Mingliang, Yutong Group Cuban representative... Chinese manufacturers are becoming more influential around the world... Analysts say Cuba is in great need of almost all kinds of industrial products, thanks to decade-long economic blockade... 
(Photo: Yutong Buses in Cuba) -- Havana, Cuba -, by Ming Tian - 21 June 2016



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