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SELF-DRIVING BUSES SERVICE * Japan - Company plans to use EZ10 electric shuttle produced by EasyMile

* Japan’s - DeNA says get on the self-driving bus

--- Japanese mobile internet company DeNA Co. on Thursday said it would start a transportation service in Japan that uses self-driving buses, its latest push into autonomous driving... DeNA will use the EZ10 electric shuttle produced by EasyMile, a French driverless technology startup, that it has dubbed the “Robot Shuttle” ...  It will begin offering services next month at a large park partially managed by a shopping mall developer in Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo... The four-meter-long (13-foot-long) Robot Shuttle can accommodate as many as 12 passengers and travel at up to 40 kilometers (25 miles), an hour, DeNA said. The vehicle uses sensors, cameras and a Global Positioning System to navigate and avoid obstacles... Driverless buses have been tried—or will soon be—in places such as the Swiss city of Sion and Trikala, Greece... Aiming to commercialize its driverless transportation service by 2020, DeNA has said it would seek to offer unmanned cabs to foreign travelers and local residents in areas of Japan where buses and trains aren’t available... 
(PHOTO: ALEXANDER MARTIN/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - DeNA's driverless bus, the Robot Shuttle, in Tokyo on Thursday)  --  Tokyo, Japan - The WSJ, by Alexander Martín - July 7, 2016

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