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BUSES PURCHASE * Australia: Tasmania's - ** Canada/USA: New Jersey's

* Tasmania / Australia - Update on $31 million plan to upgrade Tasmania’s Metro bus fleet

--- The State Government hopes to lure a bus manufacturer to set up shop here to build 100 new Metro Tasmania buses... Companies vying for a luc­rative government contract to upgrade Tasmania’s ageing public bus fleet have taken part in an industry briefing... The State Budget included $31 million towards 100 modern buses and the State Government is keen for the buses to be built in Tasmania... Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding said there had been strong interest in the contract... Metro Tasmania recently ordered seven new Scania art­iculated buses that would rep­lace five 30-year-old articulated buses... Metro chief executive Stuart Wiggins said the bigger buses would improve the packed services...
(Picture: MATHEW FARRELL - Metro CEO Stuart Wiggins was on hand as Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding delivered an update on the $31 million project to upgrade the state’s public transport fleet)  --  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia -  The Mercury, by BLAIR RICHARD - July 6, 2016 

* Manitoba / Canada - Winnipeg bus company hit by New Jersey money woes

--- A Winnipeg-based bus manufacturer says an order from New Jersey’s transit system has been put on hold following a state of emergency declared by Gov. Chris Christie due to funding problems... New Flyer Industries says its MCI subsidiary had received approval in May for the delivery of 142 motor coaches this year — part of an order for up to about 1,200 buses over six years... New Flyer says New Jersey Transit has advised the company, one of North America’s largest bus manufacturers, that there must be an orderly shutdown of all work for the bus contract... 
(Photo by Tamara Forlanski / Global News)   --   Winnipeg, Manitobba, Canada - Global News - July 11, 2016



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