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TYRE MAKERS * India: Are under stress

* Tamil Nadu - Chinese dumping takes toll on Indian tyre makers

--- With the import of truck and bus radials shooting up 64% in FY16, the bulk of the Rs 35,000-cr new investments by Indian tyre makers are under stress.. Further, the Chinese TBR import has come to account for 30-40 per cent of the replacement demand for TBR in India. A Chinese truck or bus radial costs $140-150 (Rs 9,400-10,000) in India, around 30 per cent lower than an Indian tyre costing Rs 15,000. According to ATMA, the per-unit import price from China in many cases is less than the cost of raw materials in India.. According to data for the April-December 2015 period, the average domestic production of TBR per month in India is 500,000 units. Apollo is the leader in this segment, followed by Chennai-based MRF and Delhi-based JK Tyres... 
Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, India - Business Standard, by Swaraj Baggonkar - April 21, 2016



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