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RECALL by ALL * GERMAN's CAR MAKERS: 630,000 vehicles

* Germany - Manufacturers are recalling vehicles to fix diesel software as the clampdown 

(By TomWoodsTV - Oct 20, 2015: Eric Peters is the libertarian authority on cars, and writes at We discussed the VW issue, the $5000 SUV Americans aren't allowed to buy, a court case in New Jersey that allows the police to search your car no matter what you're stopped for, and more) 

 -- German car makers are to recall 630,000 cars to fix diesel emissions management software, a German govermnment official said... The recall, including Porsche, Volkswagen, Opel, Audi and Mercedes vehicles, widens a clampdown in the wake of the VW scandal - in which the car maker last year admitted using software to cheat on emissions tests... German officials had ordered a probe into on a broad range of vehicles as part of a broader investigation into high levels of health-threatening nitric oxide diesel emissions... The recall is aimed to tighten a legal loophole over emissions treatment systems, in order to ensure lower levels of pollution going forward, an official told Reuters... Meanwhile, a German official told the AFP news agency that it had uncovered anomalies in Renault engines, though the French car maker did not come under its jurisdiction... In the UK and Europe, where Volkswagen's market is much bigger than in the US, the car maker came under pressure to explain why motorists were not also being offered compensation... Regulators and prosecutors around the world are investigating the car maker after its admission last year, which affected 11 million vehicles globally... Meanwhile two other car makers are facing investigations from US officials... Meanwhile in the UK, the Government has revealed that all diesel cars it tested in the wake of the VW scandal exceeded laboratory pollution limits when looked at in real-world conditions... 
 London, EN, UK -- Sky News - 22 April 2016



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