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CITY's POLLUTION * Mexico: Buses baned

* DF - Smog-alert car ban jams metro, buses in Mexico City

... Under new regulations imposed after the capital recently experienced its worst air-quality crisis in over a decade, 40 percent of cars were ordered off the road after smog levels hit 1½ times acceptable limits Tuesday... Pollution levels went down somewhat Wednesday, and the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis said only about half that amount of vehicles would be kept off the streets Thursday... With 2 million of the capital’s cars ordered out of circulation Wednesday, fares were temporarily waved for some public transportation. Buses crawling along the central Reforma boulevard were crowded during the morning rush hour... Martin Colin, a 53-year-old taxi driver, pointing to a bus jammed front-to-back with standing commuters. “They look like little sardines. The buses are full, full”... The vehicle ban does not apply to public or private buses — something that has drawn criticism since many privately operated minibuses are notorious for belching thick black smoke... 
(Photo by Dario Lopez-Mills/Associated Press - A man rides his bicycle along Reforma Avenue in Mexico City, Wednesday, April 6, 2016. City authorities have barred millions of vehicles from the streets due to a pollution alert) -- Mexico City, DF, MEX - AP/The Washington Post, by Peter Orsi - April 6, 2016

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