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BUSES BREAKDOWN * India: Driver accused of demand 10,000 Rs.

* Delhi - ‘We have proof of conspiracy to sabotage scheme’

--- Transport Minister says a DTC driver has been accused of staging bus breakdown for money... A departmental inquiry has been ordered against the driver of a Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus after allegations that he staged a breakdown in lieu of money, Transport Minister Gopal Rai said here... This, Mr. Rai said, was “proof” that a “conspiracy” is being hatched to “sabotage” the second phase of the scheme... The complainant will now, according to Mr. Rai, be made to confront some DTC drivers deployed on the said route on the day of the breakdown to identify the accused following which penal action will be taken against the accused... Meanwhile, owing to numerous and frequent breakdowns, the government has decided to review terms and conditions of agreement with bus manufacturers such as Tata and Ashok Leyland, which lease their buses to the public transporter, Mr. Rai added... 
(Photo: According to DTC officials, the low-floor buses run by the corporation report about 300 breakdowns per day on an average while the standard floor buses report between 75 and 100 breakdowns in a day) -- Delhi, India - The Hindu - April 24, 2016



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