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* D.C. - Will test bus-only lanes on a short stretch of Georgia Avenue

-- New dedicated bus lanes debut next week in a four-block stretch of Georgia Avenue NW, in what would be the District’s first enforceable bus lanes in decades... Although it’s a short third-of-a-mile stretch of transit lane, officials say it should help speed up bus travel in what currently is a clogged portion of the route served by Metrobus routes... The 70s line is one of the city’s busiest, carrying about 20,000 passengers from downtown Washington to downtown Silver Spring. Buses in the corridor have high ridership throughout the day. Now the buses will have their own lane from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday trough Saturday, DDOT said... The bus lanes pilot on Georgia Avenue answers growing calls for prioritizing bus travel in some of the region’s busiest corridors where buses carry a substantial number of commuters yet are often stuck behind the general traffic. Metro, an active advocate for bus lanes, hasn’t had many dedicated lanes since most of the region’s more than 60 miles of bus lanes faded into history after the arrival of Metrorail in the 1970s. The agency currently runs buses on transit-only lanes in Alexandria... D.C. transportation officials say they hope to use the Georgia Avenue pilot as testing ground for larger future projects. DDOT also is planning to install rush-hour bus lanes along 16th Street NW...
 (Photo courtesy of Metro: Bus Lane on 14th Street next to the Mall in the early 1970s) -- Washington, DC, USA - The Washington Post, by Luz Lazo - April 5, 2016

* Virginia - To help ease Va. 7 congestion, a plan for bus-only lanes

-- New buses that can zip past traffic in their own lanes are the recommended way to help Northern Virginians navigate a congested Va. 7 between Tysons and Alexandria... The recommendation being presented Thursday is that buses would follow the Spring Hill Metro to Falls Church where the buses would then follow the red line to connect to East Falls Church, then continue to the Mark Center only, without continuing to either Van Dorn St. or King St. Metro stations... As presented, the proposed bus route is expected to draw 9,500 new transit riders each day, at a construction and related cost 70 percent less than light rail and operating costs about 40 percent lower than light rail... With bus-only lanes, like those that have opened along Route 1 between Arlington and Alexandria, buses would be able to bypass much of that traffic to speed up trips. That Metroway service is set to open additional bus-only lanes in Arlington on April 17...
 (Image Courtesy of NVTC) -- Washington, DC, USA - WTOP, by Max Smith - April 6, 2016

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