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* NSW - 'Last straw': Union fed up with workplace violence after bus driver spat on during racist attack

(Video by baray raty - Mar 21, 2016)

 -- The latest senseless attack on a Sydney bus has pushed the union to call for cages to be installed in New South Wales buses to protect the drivers... A passenger who caught the wrong bus by mistake was caught on camera racially abusing the driver before spitting on him... Witness Dylan Lloyd said the other passengers on the bus were disgusted by the man’s behavior... 

A union survey of delegates uncovered Sydney’s most dangerous routes, which included: 
 • The 545 and 513 in the west 
• The 470 and 431 in the city 
• The L90 in the north 
 • Buses down Anzac Parade in the east. 

... While many of those routes travel through areas that don’t appear dangerous, it is often the late night journeys that make the drivers feel the most vulnerable... The government maintains the amount of violence on trains and buses is falling... 
 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Yahoo7 News, by Sean Berry - March 21, 2016



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