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* Nebraska - On city buses, big brother is watching

-- The conversations and actions of thousands of Lincoln residents who board city buses each day are being recorded... StarTran, the city’s bus system, has audiovisual recording devices on each of its 67 fixed-route buses and 13 Handi-Van vehicles, said Transit Manager Mike Davis. StarTran began installing the equipment on its vehicles in 1997, back when it recorded only in black and white... Nebraska, like most states, only requires that one party to a conversation be notified that he or she is being recorded. However, in cities and states across the country, efforts to remove recording devices from buses are underway by politicians and civil liberties groups seeking to protect people’s privacy...  Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the use of surveillance equipment on city buses may not violate state laws, but it could violate a constitutional ban on unreasonable searches. He said laws that require law enforcement agencies to get warrants to record private phone conversations demonstrate the legal principle that equates the secret recording of a conversation to an unreasonable search... He said recording a private conversation between two people who aren’t aware they are being recorded seems to violate the one-party requirement within state law as well...
Lincoln, NEB, USA - The Lincoln Journal Star, by KEVIN ABOUREZK - 30 March 2016



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