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* New York - Bus passengers deserve a safe ride

-- Intercity bus service has become increasingly popular with travelers... Buses are the only affordable way many Americans can travel between cities... Bus trips can turn into harrowing journeys, as Lucas Peterson of The Times recently discovered when he took a discount Megabus coach from Chicago to Milwaukee and it caught fire. A 2012 report commissioned by the Department of Transportation estimated that there are about 160 fires on intercity buses every year. While most of those do not result in injuries or deaths, several major fires and accidents, including a deadly 2014 accident and fire in California, have highlighted glaring weaknesses in the regulation of buses... That makes it urgent that the Obama administration do more to make sure passengers arrive safely... The Department of Transportation says it has made bus safety a priority. In 2013, for example, it required that new buses have seatbelts — a change long resisted by the industry. Last year it required that intercity coaches have electronic stability control, which has helped save thousands of lives in cars. The department says it is working on other regulations and has stepped up bus inspections...
(Photo: Kennedy Plaza bus stand)  --  NY, USA - The NY Times - March 14, 2016



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