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* Oregon - Portland's proposed rapid bus actually slower than existing bus

-- Portland’s first-ever rapid bus project has hit a speed bump, after a transit study found the new line would actually be slower than current buses on the same streets... Leaders in Gresham, Portland and the regional Metro government identified the Powell-Division corridor for rapid transit a few years ago. Passengers complained that current buses were so packed, the buses would routinely roll past would-be riders, waiting at bus stops... Portland-area planners prioritized hearing from the diverse communities of Gresham and Southeast Portland before mapping out a specific rapid bus line from Mount Hood Community College to downtown Portland. The route with the most support involved following Powell Boulevard near the river, and then jog over to Division, likely on 82nd Avenue... But Metro spokesman Craig Beebe said the new study found that route would be slower from end-to-end than current TriMet buses. “The reasons include design constraints on inner Powell and 82nd Ave, or 50th or 52nd Ave — the cross-over street from Powell to Division,” Beebe said... The transit study says the third option, of simply improving current bus lines, could begin in three to five years... But giving up on bus rapid transit would likely mean giving up eligibility for federal funding of $75 million — money that would have to be matched dollar-for-dollar from local sources. However, officials said the federal government is not likely to fund a bus rapid transit project that isn’t actually faster than the buses already running on the same streets...
(Photo by Thomas Le Ngo/TriMet: Passengers exit a TriMet bus)   --  Portland, ORE, USA - OPB, by Rob Manning - March 23, 2016

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